About Byford and the IBDC

The Byford IBDC is a not for profit unincorporated organisation established to co-ordinate people in Byford to improve and develop business via leading edge and traditional techniques. The IBDC facilitates improvements in existing Byford resources so that they can advance towards being more socially orientated, community considerate, more economically viable, educational and sustainable.

The pursuit of these objectives creates added value for all participants and residents of Byford where value previously did not exist. Greater online representation of all Byford participants both human and technological generates a momentum of awareness and tangible knowledge on which to base further advancements. Fragmented educational initiatives can be given greater purpose via the Byford IBDC.

All residents who would like to contribute are invited to join the Byford IBDC.

A prime objective of the IBDC is to assist students improve their awareness of the opportunity to start a business and various ways to promote their business online. Therefore, there is a need for participation of people with business experience and students that seek to gain business knowledge.

To join this initiative then you can do one of the following:

Join the Facebook Group below. or
Write a letter to PO Box 308, Byford, WA, 6122 containing your contact details. or
Send an email to director@byfordibdc.com

There is no reason why the Byford community can not establish a world leading example of a community that others will seek to study and replicate.

The following diagram shows how the Byford IBDC ideally is positioned within the local community.


By Dean Strautins Google

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